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About the Artist

Artist Statement      


I see and understand the world with a painter’s mind and eye as a digital mixed-media artist. With my ever consuming curiosity, I explore ideas that get “dropped” into my senses and inner thoughts as I view what is around me. Investigating the complexities and gestures of human actions, expressions, and connections with self, nature, and place excite and inspire my images. 


The recent ruling of the Supreme Court to deny abortions to women has made me realize how I have internally focused on women; our inner tinkering’s, and our fight through the years to be treated as an equal part of the human race.  As my work develops, I have also been reviewing my own history, stories, and struggles.


Looking forward towards a more viable and enriching future, I believe human and mother nature connect in empathy towards cycles of growth, change, discord, and the physical (movement, expression, beauty, aging).  I hope more people will recognize this especially important concept.  During the last six years I have been hiking early morning in the arroyos and trails near my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and recording the foliage, flowers, light, and shadows of the seasons.  I feel grateful for my closeness to nature everyday.

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Selected Exhibitions/Bio

Diane Rolnick's interest in movement and nature developed as a young child who grew up in the dance world of New York City and was gifted with a mother who was a botanist, horticulturist, and judge for flower shows.  Turning to the fine arts after an early career in ballet, led her to Drexel University in Philadelphia.  After finishing her BFA in painting at Rhode Island School of Design in Italy she extended her time in Europe another year to explore, paint, and study.  Ten years later she returned to RISD and received her Masters in Art Teaching.  After many years living in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, Rolnick moved to New Mexico 26 years ago.  She has shown her work extensively in the United States and is in various private and corporate collections.  Invitations in the Fall of 2022 include New York Center For Photographic Art who has invited her to show her work at Red Dot, Miami Basel in December and Santa Fe Community College Gallery will be showing her work in October.  Her teaching has included University of New Mexico, College of Santa Fe, Institute of Indian Arts, and Santa Fe Community College.  She currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a house built and designed by partner, Bill Kleinschmidt and herself.  


Education:  Drexel University, Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Painting, MAT, Cornell University


2022  Miami Basel Red Dot Art Fair with New York Center For Photographic Art, Nov 30 - Dec 2, Miami, Fl
2022  "Dispelled", Santa Fe Community College Gallery, October 6 - , Santa Fe, NM
2022  FotoForum Members Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
2021   NYARTEXPO, New York City

2021   "restART The Planet", SKT Spaces, London, UK

2020  "Choreography in Time and Space", TimeSpecific, New York City, Germany

2020  "Fake Space", SKT Spaces, London, UK

2020  "6 Ft", TimeSpecific, International Exhibition, Time of Uncertainty Around the COVID 19

2019  "Open Source", LA Center For Digital Arts, CA

2018  "Art and Nature", Santa Fe Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Please Contact Me For Complete Resume

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