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Artist Statement

          In the very noisy, chaotic, cacophony of our visible/audible world aloud with swirling voices and conflicting diatribes, I have found myself continuing to be fascinated with the more subtle nuances of human expression, gesture, movement, moment, action, interaction, and reaction which offer to me a sense of wonderment. Growing up in the New York dance and art worlds, life was all consuming, exciting, and challenging as I learned to move and draw the human body from inside and out, through formal training, emotional experience, and personal identity.

          Today my grounding in the arts is alive in my work as I push into new mediums of digital mixed-media and develop work from images taken from my camera, I-Pad, and I-Phone, to computer, and studio. My current series include: “The Gatherings”, a series of people interacting or not in spaces that may or may not be cohesive; “Plastic Me”, images taken of myself behind a plastic barrier that softens, diffuses, and distorts my body moving; “Emmally”, a shoot with dancer Emmally W performing among textures and pattern; “Morningstar”, a shoot with Native actress, Morningstar, of intermingling bodies in motion encompassed by a dense ground of dried grasses and spray paint.  As in life, the environments in the work are the air, energy, containment, and complexities of our landscapes.

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